Builders Management

Real Estate Manager (Property Software) a master piece for housing societies developed in latest Microsoft Technologies & approved by top housing societies of Pakistan. Following are the details of Real Estate Manager (Property Software), top software for housing schemes/housing socieites

Builders+ Management System
Create Projects
Manage : Blocks, Sectors, Streets
Manage: Plots, Houses, Apartments, Forms
Setup: Sizes, Property Types, Plan Heads
Define Payment Plans
Create Inventory of Plots/houses/ Apartments Etc
Membership Management
Assign Payment Plans/ structures
Inventory Transfer System
Inventory Return/ Cancellation System
Dealer Management
Create Inventory
Events Management Extra Features
Multi-Currency Management


The Management & Staff is fully satisfied with the performance of software & we are very thankful to Tingba Technolgoies along with its technical staff especially the programmers who worled hard to develop this software for us.


Extra Features
Multi-Currency Management
Multi Branch System
Central Execution System
Cloud Based Application
Development Technology
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